Australian Aths History


The Amateur Athletic Union of Australasia
1899 1st Conference Minutes
1901 2nd Conference Minutes
1904 3rd Conference Minutes
1905 4th Conference Minutes
1908 5th Conference Minutes
1909 6th Conference Minutes
1911 7th Conference Minutes
1914 8th Conference Minutes
1920 9th Conference Minutes
1921 10th Conference Minutes
The Amateur Athletic Union of Australia & New Zealand
1924 11th Conference Minutes
1926 12th Conference Minutes
1927 13th Conference Minutes
The Amateur Athletic Union of Australia
1930 14th Conference Minutes
1932 15th Conference Minutes
The Amateur Athletic Union of Australia Australia Women's Amateur Athletic Union
1934 16th Conference Minutes
1936 17th Conference Minutes 2nd Women's Biennial Report
1937 3rd Women's Biennial Report
1938 18th Conference Minutes
1940 4th Women's Biennial Report
1947 19th Conference Minutes
1948 20th Conference Minutes 5th Women's Biennial Report
1949 21st Conference Minutes
1949 22nd Conference Minutes
1950 6th Women's Biennial Report
1951 23rd Conference Minutes
1952 24th Conference Minutes 7th Women's Biennial Report
1953 25th Conference Minutes
1954 26th Conference Minutes 8th Women's Biennial Report
1955 27th Conference Minutes
1956 28th Conference Minutes 9th Women's Biennial Report
1957 29th Conference Minutes
1958 30th Conference Minutes 10th Women's Biennial Report
1959 31st Conference Minutes
1960 32nd Conference Minutes 11th Women's Biennial Report
1961 33rd Conference Minutes
1962 34th Conference Minutes 12th Women's Biennial Report
1963 35th Conference Minutes
1964 36th Conference Minutes 13th Women's Biennial Report
1965 37th Conference Minutes 14th Women's Annual Report
1966 38th Conference Minutes 15th Women's Annual Report
1967 39th Conference Minutes 16th Women's Annual Report
1968 40th Conference Minutes 17th Women's Annual Report
1969 41st Conference Minutes 18th Women's Annual Report
1970 42nd Conference Minutes 19th Women's Annual Report
1971 43rd Conference Minutes 20th Women's Annual Report
1972 44th Conference Minutes 21st Women's Annual Report
1973 45th Conference Minutes 22nd Women's Annual Report
1974 46th Conference Minutes
Extra-Ordinary Conference Minutes
23rd Women's Annual Report
1975 47th Conference Minutes 24th Women's Annual Report
1976 48th Conference Minutes 25th Women's Annual Report
1977 49th Conference Minutes 26th Women's Annual Report
1978 50th Conference Minutes 27th Women's Annual Report
The Amateur Athletic Union of Australia (combined)
1978 Extra-Ordinary Congress Minutes
51st Congress Minutes
1979 52nd Congress Minutes
53rd Congress Minutes
1980 1979-80 Annual Report 54th Congress Minutes
55th Congress Minutes
1981 Annual Report 56th Congress Minutes (inc. Annual Report)
Extra-Ordinary Congress Minutes
57th Congress Minutes
1982 Annual Report 58th Congress Minutes (inc. Annual Report)
Extra-Ordinary Congress Minutes
59th Congress Minutes
Australian Athletic Union
1983 Annual Report 60th Congress Minutes (inc. Annual Report)
Extra-Ordinary Congress Minutes
1984 Annual Report 61st Congress Minutes (inc. Annual Report)
1985 62nd Congress Minutes
Australian Athletic Union (Inc.)
1984-85 1st Annual Report 1st AGM Minutes (inc. Annual Report)
1985-86 2nd Annual Report 2nd AGM Minutes
1986-87 3rd Annual Report 3rd AGM Minutes
1987-88 4th AGM Minutes
1988-89 5th Annual Report 5th AGM Minutes
Athletics Australia
1989-90 6th Annual Report 6th AGM Minutes
1990-91 7th Annual Report 7th AGM Minutes
1991-92 8th Annual Report 8th AGM Minutes
General Meeting - March
General Meeting - Nov
1992-93 9th Annual Report 9th AGM Minutes
1993-94 10th Annual Report 10th AGM Minutes
1994-95 11th Annual Report 11th AGM Minutes
1995-96 12th Annual Report 12th AGM Minutes
1996-97 13th Annual Report 13th AGM Minutes
1997-98 14th Annual Report 14th AGM Minutes
1998-99 15th Annual Report 15th AGM Minutes
General Meeting - Nov to 2002
1999-00 16th Annual Report 16th AGM Minutes
2000-01 17th Annual Report 17th AGM Minutes
General Meeting - Sep
2001-02 18th Annual Report 18th AGM Minutes
2002-03 19th Annual Report 19th AGM Minutes
2003-04 20th Annual Report 20th AGM Minutes
2004-05 21st Annual Report 21st AGM Minutes
2005-06 22nd Annual Report 22nd AGM Minutes
2006-07 23rd Annual Report 23rd AGM Minutes
2007-08 24th Annual Report 24th AGM Minutes
2008-09 25th Annual Report 25th AGM Minutes
2009-10 26th Annual Report 26th AGM Minutes
2010-11 27th Annual Report 27th AGM Minutes
2011-12 28th Annual Report 28th AGM Minutes
2012-13 29th Annual Report 29th AGM Minutes
2013-14 30th Annual Report 30th AGM Minutes
2014-15 31st Annual Report 31st AGM Minutes
2015-16 32nd Annual Report 32nd AGM Minutes
2016-17 33rd Annual Report 33rd AGM Minutes
2017-18 34rd Annual Report
Help: If you are able to help with any of the missing or incomplete documents then please get in touch. The documents in question are:
- Women's 1934 1st Report
- 4th Annual Report, 1988

Additionally, it is likely (very likely) there are complete annual reports for (where at least a partial report is included in the conference minutes):
- 1980-81
- 1981-82
- 1982-83
- 1983-84
- 1984-85


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