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World Cross Country Championships - 2003       Lausanne, Switzerland (29/30 Mar)
31st Championship      

Men   Event   Position   Result
Craig APPLEBY (Vic)    Junior XC (8000m)   74/122   74th 26:34
Collis BIRMINGHAM (Vic)    Junior XC (8000m)   84/122   84th 26:55
Women   Event   Position   Result
Haley MCGREGOR (Vic)    Short Course XC (4000m)   46/103   46th 13:47
Susan MICHELSSON (Robertson) (Vic)    Short Course XC (4000m)   88/103   88th 14:47
Kylie RISK (Tas)    Short Course XC (4000m)   33/103   33rd 13:40
Anna THOMPSON (Vic)    Short Course XC (4000m)   27/103   27th 13:31
Eloise WELLINGS (Poppett) (NSW)    Short Course XC (4000m)   71/103   71st 14:14
Benita WILLIS (Johnson) (Qld)    Short Course XC (4000m)   5/103   5th 12:48
TEAM    Short Course XC (4000m)   5/16   5th 96pts

605 athletes participated from 65 countries


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