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World Cross Country Championships - 1975       Rabat, Morocco (16 Mar)
3rd Championships      

Men   Event   Position   Result
John AXSENTIEFF (Vic)    Cross Country (12,000m)     Did not finish
David 'Dave' CHETTLE (Tas)    Cross Country (12,000m)   105/182   105th 38:17.0
Jim LANGFORD (WA)    Cross Country (12,000m)   60/182   60th
Robert 'Rob' MCDONALD (NSW)    Cross Country (12,000m)   48/182   48th 37:02.0
Dennis NEE (NSW)    Cross Country (12,000m)   116/182   116th 39:09.0
William 'Bill' SCOTT (Vic)    Cross Country (12,000m)   22/182   22nd 36:28.0
Robert 'Bob' TALAY (NSW)    Cross Country (12,000m)   149/182   149th 40:06.0
Christopher 'Chris' WARDLAW (Vic)    Cross Country (12,000m)   47/182   47th 37:01.0
TEAM    Cross Country (12,000m)   11   11th 325pts
Women   Event   Position   Result
Maureen MOYLE (Butler) (SA)    Cross Country (3900m)   47/71   47th 15:18.0
Lavinia PETRIE (Vic)    Cross Country (3900m)   53/71   53rd 15:26.0
Elizabeth RICHARDS (NSW)    Cross Country (3900m)   45/71   45th 15:09.0
Lynne WILLIAMS (Tennant) (Vic)    Cross Country (3900m)   44/71   44th 15:08.0
TEAM    Cross Country (3900m)   11   11th 189pts

316 athletes participated from 26 countries


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