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World Cross Country Championships - 1997       Turin, Italy (23 Mar)
25th Championships      

Men   Event   Position   Result
Shaun CREIGHTON (ACT)    Cross Country (12,333m)   55/286   55th 37:17
Roderic 'Rod' DE HIGHDEN (Vic)    Cross Country (12,333m)   120/286   120th 38:06
Martin DENT (ACT)    Junior XC (8511m)   96/163   96th 27:46
Julian DWYER (Vic)    Cross Country (12,333m)   100/286   100th 37:51
Paul FENN (Vic)    Junior XC (8511m)   81/163   81st 27:30
Trent HARLOW (ACT)    Cross Country (12,333m)   179/286   179th 39:23
Steven 'Steve' ISBEL (ACT)    Cross Country (12,333m)   154/286   154th 38:49
Clinton MACKEVICIUS (NSW)    Junior XC (8511m)   76/163   76th 27:27
Stephen 'Steve' MONEGHETTI (Vic)    Cross Country (12,333m)   46/286   46th 37:11
Julian PAYNTER (Vic)    Cross Country (12,333m)   286/286   Did Not Finish
Sean QUILTY (Vic)    Cross Country (12,333m)   137/286   137th 38:29
Mark THOMPSON (Vic)    Junior XC (8511m)   37/163   37th 26:36
Darren WILSON (Vic)    Cross Country (12,333m)   90/286   90th 37:44
TEAM    Junior XC (8511m)   13   13th 290pts
    Cross Country (12,333m)   13   13th 548pts
Women   Event   Position   Result
Suzanne 'Sue' MALAXOS (WA)    Cross Country (6600m)   115/148   115th 23:53
Elizabeth 'Liz' MILLER (Rose) (NSW)    Cross Country (6600m)   79/148   79th 22:46
Maryann MURRAY (Tas)    Cross Country (6600m)   90/148   90th 23:00
Kylie RISK (Tas)    Cross Country (6600m)   21/148   21st 21:52
TEAM    Cross Country (6600m)   15   15th 305pts

725 athletes participated from 72 countries


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