Australian Aths History

Australia at the Games

Olympic Games - 1908       London, Great Britain (13-25 Jul)
Games of the IV Olympiad       (Australia competed as part of Australasia)

Men   Event   Position   Result
William 'Victor' AITKEN (Vic)    5 miles     Ht6 Did not compete
    Marathon     Did not finish (30km)
    3,500 metres Walk     Ht2 Did not compete
    10 mile Walk     Ht1 Did not compete
George BLAKE (Vic)    1500 metres     Ht6 Did not compete
    5 miles     Ht1 3rd Time unknown
    Marathon     Did not finish (5km)
Ernest HUTCHEON (Qld)    100 metres     Ht7 Did not compete
    Standing High jump     Performance unknown
    Long Jump     Did not compete
    Triple Jump     Did not compete
Joseph LYNCH (NSW)    800 metres     Ht2 Did not compete
    1500 metres     Ht2 5th Time unknown
    5 miles     Ht5 Did not finish
    Marathon     Did not finish (8km)
Harvey SUTTON (Vic)    800 metres     Ht8 3rd Time unknown
Charles SWAIN (Qld)    800 metres     Did not start
    1500 metres     Ht3 Did not finish

429 athletes participated from 20 countries


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